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August 25, 2007, 2:06 pm
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I am Duleeka Dilhani Edirisinghe. I was born on 23th June 1988 rural village in Mahavilachchiya in the North Central province of Sri Lanka. I had my primary and have secondary education at Saliya Mala School in Mahavilachchiya. I did my O/Ls in 2004 and got one ‘A’ pass, four ‘C’ passes and four ‘S’ passes. I am did my Advance Level exam with Arts section. My Subjects are Sinhala, Political Science, Buddhist Civilization and English. I faced my Advance Level exam in 2007. And I am a senior student of Horizon Lanka Foundation.  I have many hobbies like reading books and newspapers, talking to friends cracking jokes, and playing foot ball volley ball and net ball. I read novels. Some of them are Gurugeethaya, Senkadagala mahabiso, Amma, and Vijayaba Collaya, There are seven members in my family. They are Father, Mother, my two elder sister and my two younger sisters. The main occupation of my family is Farming and my father is Mr. Nihal Ekanayaka. My father is the breadwinner in our family. My mother is Mrs. Indra Herath. She is a house waif. My parents work hart for give to good future to us. My elder sister is Chamila Priyadharshani. Now she is teaching Japan language, tamil language and Engish. She is also a student of Horizon Lanka Foundation. My second old sister is Irosha Udayangani. She is house wife. My younger sisters are called Madhuka Thathsarani and Nilmini Prashadi. Nilmini is the youngest. Madhuka is very kind and Nilmini is a very talented girl. My family members are living happily. I have many friends. They are radhika, Ruvini, Iresha, and Aruni. They are very thoughtful and lovely friends. They help me in my academic work. They also lend me a hand for all my other work. When we are together, we always have fun.

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August 11, 2007, 11:06 am
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